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About Back of the Sofa

What are we?
Back of the Sofa launched in October 2017 as a social enterprise to help charities do more good by boosting their income in innovative ways. As a free resource it offers the ideas, tools and help needed to find cash they’re literally sitting on - in the form of discounts and rebates. It helps charities get on - and stay on - the cheapest rates for overheads and can even switch utilities for charity supporters (to save them money too) whilst donating the cash that would normally be pocketed by a price comparison website.
Why are we here?
Charities treasurers (especially volunteer-run and smaller charities) may not have the time or know-how to tackle costs or spot mistakes on bills by themselves. For example, a third of charity bill-payers do not know about the lower VAT rate on energy - or that they need to complete a declaration form in order to be eligible. 70,000 charities are registered for Gift Aid but have never used it and only 15% of the millions of the UK's Higher Rate taxpayers ever get around to claiming the extra 25 pence-in-the-pound on their donations.
How do we support charities?
Avoiding waste and demonstrating good governance is growing in importance among all charities and where Back of the Sofa can either provide easy solutions or simply put minds at rest (where no remedial action is required). It does all the leg-work for you and the best thing about it is that it'll boost your spending on good causes without asking supporters for a single penny more. It's a call to action for any charity: empowering them to claim money that is rightfully theirs, reduce operating costs and mobilise donors in smarter ways.
How are we funded?
Everying on Back of the Sofa is free to use. However, if it make financial sense for you to switch a product from one supplier to another then the new supplier will pay a finder's fee to the introducer. Back of the Sofa will get a share of  this and, while it may be our only income, there is no pressure on you to switch whatsoever. In fact, we provide plenty of advice on going direct to suppliers but to do so would mean spending hours researching and missing out on the friendly, transparent and impartial service on offer. Will your supplier, for example, be proactive in showing you the best deal at renewal and compare it against a range of other suppliers too?
Who are we?



A member of the team that founded (2007) the UK’s leading B2B utility switching service - Make It Cheaper - Nick Heath is a veteran campaigner for fairer treatment and better prices for small businesses. His experience at Make It Cheaper has also brought him into contact with charities of all shapes and sizes who share the same concerns of being ripped-off by their suppliers. His passion for helping charities avoid financial pitfalls and stay one step ahead of the game led to a journey of discovery that ultimately resulted in setting up Back of the Sofa.



Ex-Tax Inspector

Hector has long been put out-to-grass by the Inland Revenue but the thing is that he hates gardening and can’t play golf. However - given that one of his pet hates has always been charities overspending on tax - we've brought him out of retirement (thanks to Sofia for her gentle persuasion) to keep him active and doing what he loves best. If you have a taxing question, ping it over to and we'll see what he comes back with.
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