Collective Switching

How can you find money here?

Charities can earn £10-15 per household when someone they know switches their energy supplier.

Every year millions of people switch their household energy to get on a cheaper tariff - with a sizeable chunk now joining forces and doing it through a Collective Switch, instead of a price comparison website.

The organiser of a Collective Switch will ask energy suppliers to bid against each other for the right to supply a group of households who’ve registered their interest (with the resulting deals currently reducing annual bills by an average of £260).

Once the auction has taken place, each registrant is given the choice of whether or not to accept the offer from the winning supplier and, if they do, the switch is then arranged for them.

Taking part is free, it’s simple and quick to do and there’s no obligation to switch.

If you get involved and organise your own group of supporters to join the next Collective Switch, you'll receive £10-15 per household instead of that money going to a price comparison website.

What do you need to do?

To help tell your supporters about it - and so that we can track the number of registrants - Back of the Sofa will provide you a bespoke webpage (including your charity's name) to share via email or social media.
Set Up a Webpage
  1. Once a webpage has been set up for you, send the link on to your supporters (we can help with wording).
  2. Your supporters can then sign-up for free to recieve an offer of cheap energy - with no obligation to switch.
  3. They'll be included - with 1,000s more households from around the UK - in an auction to get the best possible price from suppliers.
  4. They'll then receive a personalised offer from the winning supplier with instructions on what to do if they want to accept.
  5. Once the switch goes ahead, your charity receives a donation.
  6. If you have any questions or need help, contact us on 0808 1645 808 or email us at

Please Note: Back of the Sofa has partnered with iChoosr (Big Community Switch) to run its Collective Switching scheme because they hold some of the largest and most successful auctions in the UK, having helped thousands of households to switch on to cheaper energy tariffs.

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