Charity Insurance

How can you save money here?

Brokers and insurers tend to increase premiums over time without any change in your cover because they treat your inertia as rich pickings. So - if you haven't reviewed your insurance recently and can spare 30 mins on the phone  - it might be worth doing so. A good place to start is Make It Cheaper (0800 158 5299) who will offer a choice of ethical insurers such as Ecclesiastical and make a £50 donation to any charity asking them to arrange their next insurance.

And if your current protection is standard, there are specialist insurance packages that may be better suited to your needs - and better suited to your budget - including Trustee Liability as well as cover for volunteers, fundraising events and even protection for bequeathed property.

Using our Charity Insurance service

 What else to expect when using our charity insurance service:

  1. Tap into a range of specialists that work with charities including: churches, schools, clubs, care centres & animal shelters.
  2. Quotes are open for 30 days and offer various forms of payment to spread costs or pay in full.
  3. Clear & transparent paperwork to help reassure Trustees that there are no hidden costs.
  4. Will get in touch when it's time to renew, preventing any automatic price hike and - if it makes sense to change provider - takes the pain away from doing so.
  5.  If happy with the service, you can also choose to renew until further notice without any more input required and protected by a guaranteed cap on premiums.

What have other charities found?

Speech marks

As a charity, with fewer manpower resources than private companies, every opportunity to save time as well as money is most welcome.

Gary Turner

Age UK Coventry

Speech marks

As treasurer of a Charity I have a duty of care to do the best financially. Through you I am confident that this has been achieved.

Helen Hill

Tewksbury Foodbank

Speech marks

We are a charity any money we can save we can spend on making the building and halls better for all.

Alan Sladic

Ground Floor Project

Found £2,800

Doing it yourself

If  you are happy to do it alone and call round different insurers/brokers yourself, here are some tips:

  1. There are only 6 or so insurers that offer specialist charity packages.
  2. However most policies for charities are only available via brokers.
  3. Make sure you don’t end up in an office policy which may not provide you with adequate cover.
  4. Watch out for set-up/admin fees or mid-term adjustment fees (e.g. when taking on new volunteers/trustees or a fundraising event).
  5. Be aware that an online-only provider could be difficult to deal with when you need to get hold of someone or when making a claim.
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