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How can you save money here?

Good news... The market for supplying non-household water customers has opened up to competition and there are (at the last count) 22 new companies vying for your business.

Switching will take about 10% off your annual bill and some are offering further discounted rates for charities. If you are billed separately for water and waste, then now would not only be a good opportunity to switch to a more convenient combined bill but to correct any historic billing errors.

Find out how much your bill would come down - and what's involved in switching - by calling our Water Quoting Service on 0800 158 5299.

Using a water switching service

A switching service will do all the hard work for you that would be time-consuming and potentially confusing without help.

A decent switching service like Make It Cheaper (our recommended choice) will also be able to help you avoid rolling back on to expensive tariffs in one or two years’ time when your fixed-term contract expires.

Other reasons to use a switching service for water:

  1. Does all the hard work for you. All you need is to know you Current Supplier/s, annual spend and whether you’re OK to pay by Direct Debit (most suppliers require this for new customers).
  2. Searches the market for any available savings and - once the right price is found - makes the switch on your behalf (never if less than 5% savings).
  3. Only works with suppliers who have required customer services levels and no scary contracts - taking the risk out for you.
  4. Service covered by an Easy Guarantee where - if  there’s a problem - you receive a compensation payment (to the value of any commission due).
  5. Contacts you at the end of each contract to see if any further saving can be made.

What have other charities found?

Speech marks

We are a small charity so any savings in our overheads goes towards making lives better for the community that we work in. This is a significant amount to us.

Suzanne Rhind

The Wayland Partnership Development Trust

Found £500

Speech marks

You have helped save our almshouses charity over four hundred pounds a year - money we can put to better use.

John Huntley

Coxed & Pearce & Kimbers Almshouses

Found £400

Speech marks

So far an excellent level of help and support. As a charity it is vital that we make the most out of funds raised by volunteers.

Andrew Cherry

Rothes Community Company

Found £1,300

Doing it yourself

If  you are happy to do it alone and call round different suppliers yourself, here are some tips:

  1. You may have a different supplier for the water that comes into your property and the waste that leaves.
  2. Your most recent bill - with information you need to get a quote (consumption, how much you pay, the premises being billed and your meter serial number).
  3. The only thing that might not be on the bill is a Supply Point ID (SPID) that has been applied to your water and waste meters - this is used to switch customers in the new market.
  4. Any special arrangements on which you pay your water / waste water bill (trade effluent charges, changes to drainage charges) or any other special arrangements that are applied to your bill.
  5. Then there are 22 suppliers to ring round for quotes!

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